My Art

As an artist, it is important for me to not only create art that is beautiful, but also art that tells a story. My art is heavily influenced by my yoruba and African-American roots, and I use technology to create pieces that explore the future and represent freedom.

For me, technology is important because it allows me to create pieces that wouldn’t be possible with traditional mediums. I use it to explore new ways of telling stories, and to create pieces that pay homage to my ancestors. My art is a way of exploring the future and celebrating my heritage, and I hope that it will help people see the beauty in both.

Exploring My Yoruba and African-American Roots

As an artist, one of the most important things for me is to explore my roots. For me, that means digging into my Yoruba and African-American ancestry and using that as inspiration for my art.

When I create art, I want to pay homage to my ancestors and the traditions they left behind. I also want to use my art to celebrate the future—a future where people of all races can come together and unite. That’s why technology is so important to my art. It allows me to create images and concepts that wouldn’t be possible with traditional media.

For me, art is about freedom. It’s a way for me to express myself and share my vision with the world. I hope that my art can help people see the beauty in diversity and inspire them to dream big.

Creating a Meaningful Narrative in My Art

Your art is a form of storytelling. What is the story you’re trying to tell with your work?

For me, it’s important to create a meaningful narrative that pays homage to my Yoruba and African-American roots. I use technology as a way to explore African futurism and afrofuturism, which are important concepts for me as an indigenous person. They represent freedom and liberation for people of color.

I believe that art is a way to express our truths, and it’s important for me to use my art to reflect the world as I see it. I want my viewers to feel inspired and empowered by my work.

Themes of Intersectionality in My Art

Your art speaks to themes of intersectionality, which is so important in the current social and political landscape. Can you talk a bit more about why you choose to explore these themes in your work?

For me, it’s about honoring my yoruba and African-American roots. I’m indigenous to North America, and as an artist, it’s important for me to use my work to explore the ways that my cultures intersect. Technology is a huge part of my art-making process, and I use it to explore ideas of freedom and liberation. In a world that often seeks to silence us, I believe it’s more important than ever to create space for afrofuturism and African futurism.

The Power of Technology in My Art

Technology allows me to not only express my story but also helps me to create a platform for others to use; a space for us, as indigenous people and artists, to explore our culture and add something of value. By using technology, I can reignite my culture’s heritage in a whole new way with the past informing the future and the present blending them together.

Through technology I explore African traditions; by incorporating objects like masks and adinkra symbols, which are integral to African cultures of the past, with modern concepts like video games and virtual reality I’m able to create an entirely new form of art—an art that celebrates both our hidden stories and our current achievements.

I’m able to craft my art with purposeful attention instead of a one-dimensional approach—telling stories through traditional techniques while at the same time incorporating modern technologies. This is how I play homage to both my Yoruba roots as well as my African-American identity, creating something that bridges generations and speaks across cultures.

Liberating the Soul Through Afrofuturism and African Futurism

Through Afrofuturism and African Futurism, I’m able to move away from the standard narratives that have been imposed on Black people throughout history, to ones that are more empowering and uplifting. In this way, my art becomes a form of healing for me, as well as for others.

When creating works of art incorporating afrofuturism, I get to free myself from the constraints of society and achieve an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a descendant of enslaved Africans. It’s a way for me to explore my identity in an entirely new way.

I also use afrofuturism and African futurism to create works that represent freedom — freedom from oppression, freedom from the past, and freedom to imagine the future in whatever way I see fit. Through this process, I’m able to envision possibilities beyond what we see today, while also paying homage to my Yoruba and African-American roots.

Visualizing Freedom With My Artistic Vision

Through my art, I am creating a space to visualize freedom – freedom to explore the boundaries of possibility, to imagine the future without limits, to tell stories of how we can all reclaim our power. My work is a homage to my Yoruba and African American roots and incorporates afrofuturism and African futurisms that emphasize and celebrate the strength, resilience and beauty of our cultures. Technology plays a major role in my art making process. By working with digital fabrication tools like 3D printing and laser cutting, I am able to create intricate pieces that bridge the past with the present. Through these technologies I am able to explore new ways of representation, by breaking down physical barriers that have been imposed by colonialism for centuries. With each piece I create, I am telling stories about our humanity – stories about hope, liberation and resilience that can be shared for generations.

When you look at my art, you see elements of my African and Yoruba heritage. You see the importance of technology to my creative process. And you see the power of art as a tool for liberation.

For me, creating art is an act of defiance. It is a way of celebrating my identities. And it is a way of asserting my presence in a world that often tries to silence me.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my art. I hope you enjoy it.