How White America’s Complacency Is a Problem Technology Companies Should Be Alarmed About

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Rejection of African-American History

Ron DeSantis’ rejection of AP African-American history is symptomatic of a larger issue in America.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to reject the Advanced Placement curriculum for African-American history is just the latest example of white America’s complacency. This complacency has allowed racism and bigotry to fester and grow, and it is a problem that technology companies should be alarmed about.

Technology companies pride themselves on being open and inclusive, but if they don’t address the issue of white America’s complacency, then their reputation will be nothing more than a facade.

Revealing the Truth Behind White America’s Complacency

White America’s complacency is a problem that technology companies should be alarmed about.

White America is content with the status quo, even if that status quo means that people of color are marginalized and oppressed. They are happy to overlook the racism and discrimination that exists in this country, as long as they themselves are not directly affected.

This complacency is also evident in the way white people view the issue of race. They refuse to talk about it or address it, preferring to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will go away.

Technology companies should be alarmed by this complacency, because it could have a negative impact on their businesses. If they don’t address the issue of race head-on, they could find themselves losing market share to companies that are more willing to do so.

The Oversight of Racism and White Supremacy in America

As a Black person, I am always aware of the ways in which I am marginalized. I am used to being overlooked and ignored, and I am used to hearing white people say that racism is a thing of the past.

But the election of Donald Trump and the recent nomination of Ron DeSantis show that white America is still very much invested in racism and white supremacy. DeSantis’ rejection of the AP African-American History course shows that he doesn’t believe black people should be taught our own history. It’s a clear message that black people are not worthy of being recognized or respected.

This is a problem for technology companies, because their employees are increasingly becoming more diverse. If they want to stay competitive, they need to address these issues head-on and make it clear that they do not tolerate racism or white supremacy.

How Technology Companies Are Implicated in the Problem

As a technology professional, I am deeply troubled by the rejection of AP African-American History in the State of Florida. It does not stop with the learning environment; it extends to the workplace. Acceptance of our history and culture is now more important than ever. We must open our eyes to systemic racism in our workplaces as well.

Technology companies must own their part in this problem. We are responsible for creating algorithms and systems that perpetuate racial injustice, whether we mean to or not. We must take ownership and actively try to create solutions that are equitable, diverse, and inclusive. Until we make real progress, white America’s complacency will continue to be a problem for us all.

How Technology Companies Can Take Steps to Combat Racism

As a technology professional, I believe companies should use this moment as an opportunity to be a part of the solution. First, my colleagues and I can continue to create inclusive and representative content for our products. It is vital that people from diverse backgrounds are included in the images, videos, and stories we distribute. Additionally, we should use our influence to reach more diverse audiences in more meaningful ways. We must take active steps towards investing in the communities most impacted by disparities in education and access to technology. Companies need to make it clear that everyone deserves a seat at the table; everyone should have access to educational opportunities regardless of race or socio-economic status. Only then can we help create meaningful change and progress towards creating a society where racism is no longer tolerated.

The Urgent Need to Address Race Issues in America

White person living in America, cannot and should not ignore the issues of race and racial disparities in this country. DeSantis’ decision to reject AP African-American History is a sign of how far we still have to go when it comes to addressing racism in this country.

We can no longer afford to be complacent. We must take action, and technology companies must play an active role in this process. We need more leaders and innovators who are willing to challenge themselves, their employees, and their customers – to confront difficult matters of race. Technology companies that ignore this urgent need do so at their own peril.

America has a race problem. It’s been simmering since inception, and it’s only getting worse. The election of Donald Trump was a clear cry from white America that they’re not happy with the way things are going, and they want things to go back to the way they were.

What’s concerning is that technology companies have been largely silent on this issue. They’re quick to trumpet their diversity numbers, but they’re not talking about the underlying racism that’s driving these numbers. It’s time for them to start talking about these issues, and it’s time for them to start taking a stand.