Being Black, African, and Female: An Asset to Technology and Policy Advocacy

As a Black, African woman, I bring a unique perspective to technology and policy advocacy. My background and experience have taught me that I have to be twice as good and work twice as hard to be taken seriously in this field. But it is also this background that makes me a better advocate for my community.

I understand the challenges and obstacles that Black, African people face when it comes to technology and policy. I also know the importance of fighting for our rights and representation in these areas. As a technology and policy advocate, I am committed to using my voice and my platform to make a difference in the lives of my people.

Understanding My Identity

My identity is my biggest asset as a technology and policy advocate.

When I walk into a room, I am often the only Black person there. This forces me to constantly think about how my actions and words will be interpreted, and it has made me a better listener and more aware of the needs of others.

As an African woman, I also bring a unique perspective to the table. I am proud of my heritage, and I am not afraid to speak up about issues that affect my community.

My identity has given me a powerful voice, and I intend to use it to make a difference in the world of technology and policy advocacy.

Understanding the Value of Advocacy

I am a Black, African woman. I am also a technology and policy advocate.

When I walk into a meeting, I am often the only person of color in the room. When I speak, I am often the only woman in the room. This can be challenging, but it is also a source of strength.

As someone who is not part of the status quo, I am able to see things from a different perspective. I understand the value of advocacy, and I am not afraid to speak up for what is right.

My experience as a Black, African woman has taught me that it is important to be vocal and visible when advocating for change. We need more voices like mine at the table, and I will continue to use my voice to make a difference in the world of technology and policy.

How Being Black, African, and Female Shapes My Work as a Technology and Policy Advocate

There are unique aspects to my identity that allow me to see the world of technology and policy advocacy differently than my colleagues. As a Black woman, I am often underestimated and seen as a threat. This allows me to be more assertive in my work and to stand up for what I believe in.

Being from Africa gives me a different perspective on technology and policy. I am familiar with the challenges that African countries face in terms of access to technology and lack of policy implementation. This allows me to provide valuable insight to my colleagues and to advocate for change on a global level.

Lastly, being female gives me a different perspective on the role of technology in society. I have experienced firsthand the ways in which technology can be used to empower women and girls. This allows me to promote gender equality in the technology sector and beyond.

Addressing the Digital Divide Through Advocacy

My background and experience give me a unique perspective on many of the issues that are currently affecting the tech sector and policy landscapes. With my belief in culture-first approaches to problem-solving, I am well-equipped to identify and address the ways in which racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice often dictate who have access to technology and policy opportunities.

My advocacy focuses on ensuring that Black and African people are represented fairly in technology and policy spaces, as well as on creating equitable access for all people regardless of their background or identity. Additionally, I believe in using technology as a tool for social justice, understanding that it has been used for centuries to amplify voices long silenced by oppressive systems.

Crafting Effective Public Policies Towards African Countries’ Goals

As an African tech and policy expert, I believe I am uniquely situated to help craft effective public policies that enable African countries to reach their goals. My background as a Black, African female provides me with a unique insight and understanding of the issues facing those countries.

I am particularly well-suited for this task due to my commitment to the principles of Afro-futurism; a worldview that combines technology, culture, and imagination to create new pathways for African success. I believe that utilizing technology can be a powerful tool for addressing the various issues facing Africa today. By combining my knowledge of public policy with my commitment to Afro-futurism, I am confident in my ability to create innovative solutions that will benefit Africans around the world.

Leveraging My Voice to Create a Platform for Others

With my position, I have been able to use my voice and platform to not only advocate for myself, but to create opportunities for other Black African women in the same space. I am passionate about leveraging technology and policy to create a better future for all Black African women, and being a public figure has enabled me to do that. I have organized mentoring events, spoken at conferences, written articles, and advocated for more recognition of the unique challenges faced by Black African women in technology and policy. My hope is that by doing this work, I can open up more pathways of opportunity to help other women access the same platforms that I am privileged enough to be part of.


Being Black, African, and female has given me a unique perspective that has helped me to become a better advocate for technology and policy. My skin color, my continent of origin, and my gender have all contributed to my ability to see the world through a different lens, and this has helped me to connect with people from all walks of life.

I am passionate about technology and policy because I believe that they have the power to change the world for the better. I am committed to using my skills and my knowledge to make a difference in the world, and I will continue to fight for the rights of all people. Thank you for reading my story.